Australian Government names Freeplay as a winner of the Humanitarian Supplies Challenge

Freeplay Energy is delighted to announce that it has been chosen as a winner of the Humanitarian Supplies Challenge. The challenge is an initiative of innovationXchange, which was launched by the Australian Government’s Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade and is designed to identify new and innovative humanitarian relief supplies.

From 77 applications, Freeplay Energy was one of just six international suppliers to be included on the challenge’s list, alongside six Australian suppliers.

The decision was announced by The Hon Julie Bishop, Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Ms Bishop commented:

“The challenge sought solutions to improve the effectiveness of humanitarian aid in delivering clean water, off grid energy supply and safe and temporary shelter.

“The $1 million challenge received 77 applications from 12 countries and 13 innovative products have been selected to assist in humanitarian crises. Six of these products will be supplied by Australian companies.

“The Humanitarian Supplies Challenge winning products will improve the lives of people in our region affected by natural disaster and other humanitarian crisis.”

She continued:

“The products showcase how we are working to find more effective ways to save lives, alleviate suffering, and assist disaster-affected communities to return to their normal lives following a disaster.”

Freeplay Energy’s Radiance lantern is a high performance, durable solar-powered lantern and mobile phone charger. Designed specifically for use with emergency relief programmes and in emerging markets where access to the energy grid is not available to many, Radiance is ideal for providing bright, reliable and healthy light for low-income families.

Powered by an integrated 2-Watt solar panel, Radiance will shine for up to nine hours at its highest setting, whilst emitting light that is 20 times brighter than kerosene lamps that are in widespread use. At its lowest setting, it offers up to 45 hours of shine. In addition, Radiance features a convenient charging point for mobile phones and other electronic devices, and an 85db integrated SOS alarm to support personal security in isolated or challenging environments.

The Humanitarian Supplies Challenge was launched in 2016 with the aim of enabling the Australian Government to partner with innovators from the private sector and civil societies to provide more effective support to people affected by humanitarian crises.

The winning products will enable people to access clean water, off-grid power and lighting and safe temporary shelter. The Radiance lantern was chosen within the off-grid power and lighting category.

Freeplay Energy’s Managing Director, John McGrath welcomed the decision of the Humanitarian Supplies Challenge, saying:

“We are pleased and proud to have the Radiance lantern included within the Humanitarian Supplies Challenge’s list of winning suppliers.

“Radiance has been designed especially to address the needs that arise from both emergency relief work and longer-term aid and development programmes. Its bright, clear light is of a significantly higher quality than that offered by many other products on the market. Its efficient solar panel ensures an end to the continuing expense of fuel or replacement batteries. It provides a free mobile phone charging point, and its integrated siren helps to protect personal security. Most importantly Radiance is built to last.

“The Humanitarian Supplies Challenge is a positive and welcome innovation on the part of the Australian Government. We look forward to working in partnership to meet the needs of those affected by humanitarian crises.”

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