Cutting back on PR and marketing is a false economy

The trade papers are full of stories about companies slashing their PR and marketing budgets. Traditionally, they are the first things to get ‘looked at’ when times are hard – and in this age of political and economic uncertainty, times are definitely hard.

But many of those companies identified as reducing in-house teams or ‘rationalising’ agencies are doing so as a way of making efficiency savings, rather than reducing their promotional activity. On the other hand, smaller companies that cut their PR and marketing budgets tend to do so because they regard any form of promotional activity as a nice optional extra: a budget item whose deletion won’t have a huge impact.

However, cutting back on PR and marketing is a false economy, whatever the size of your business. If you maintain or boost your external communications and engage with customers at a time when others are reducing their visibility, you’ll see your market position climb.  

Your brand will be more readily recognised, your products and services will be better understood and you will be able to engage with your customers more effectively.

So now is the time to steal a march on your rivals – invest in PR now and get a real competitive advantage.


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