Is Black Sheep PR a specialist agency?

Whilst some agencies focus on a single business sector such as travel or finance, Black Sheep PR works across all sectors.

That’s because our area of expertise is business communications. And our expertise can be applied to just about any organisation or marketplace. It is about reaching and engaging with the target audiences that will help your business achieve even greater success.

So, whilst we become some of our clients’ most vociferous advocates, our aim is to amplify their voices, not tell them how to run their businesses.

And our approach works. For example, we have helped national airlines to build their market share and expand their services. We have helped green energy generators to enter new markets. We have designed communications programmes that enabled manufacturers to establish new sales channels. We have achieved international recognition for luxury designers. And we have supported national charities in successful campaigns to change the law.

So, despite not limiting ourselves to a single business sector, are we a specialist agency?

Absolutely, yes. Our specialism is in using business communications to help our clients achieve their aims. And we have the track record to prove it.

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